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Invesco BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR (ADRE)

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Seeking Alpha
Invesco BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund: A Reasonably Priced EM Stalwart
2021-06-08 15:44

EMs have underperformed on a YTD basis.

Seeking Alpha
ADRE: Using ADRs To Invest In Emerging Market Stocks
2021-03-06 09:30

International markets are divided into three segments: Developed, Emerging, and Frontier, the smallest. With the spread of COVID-19 and the slow rollout of the vaccine in Emerging Market countries, investors are rightly concerned about the economic impact.

Seeking Alpha
Investing In Emerging Markets As Global Rates Rise
2021-02-22 18:39

Past experience shows us that emerging markets have historically reacted positively to higher global rates, especially if the latter reflects an improving global growth outlook. Most emerging markets will start normalizing rates well before the U.S. and developed markets.

Seeking Alpha
Best And Worst Q4 2020: All Cap Blend ETFs And Mutual Funds
2020-11-18 11:32

The All Cap Blend style ranks fourth in Q4'20. Based on an aggregation of ratings of 114 ETFs and 758 mutual funds in the All Cap Blend style.

ETF Trends
Check Out These ETFs To Take Advantage Of Alibaba Earnings
2020-05-22 18:43

While China said Friday that it could not establish a target for economic growth this year based on the widespread uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic has caused to the world’s second-largest economy, Alibaba Group Holding Co. posted stronger-than-anticipated fourth-quarter earnings Friday, as China’s prolonged quarantine aided online sales for Asia’s most valuable tech company.

Seeking Alpha
Navigating Emerging Markets During Uncertain Times: This Too Shall Pass
2020-04-03 07:37

Price swings have been dramatic. For example, we've seen 8 +/- 4% absolute moves in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index in the last two weeks of March.

ETF Trends
Big Bank Says Recession May Not Be In The Cards
2020-03-10 17:40

With a rare historical event to start the week off, as futures markets were locked limit down in overnight trading on Sunday, and investors panicked over the coronavirus and oil crashed, many investors may be getting PTSD from 2008, when stocks got rocky, the VIX spiked, and the financial crisis began.

ETF Trends
The Safest Sectors & ETFs Right Now, According to BNP Paribas
2020-02-26 16:16

While stocks are in the red once again, continuing the worst slide since December of 2018, some analysts are looking to which stocks could offer the most choice opportunities once the dust settles. BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank, generated a report Friday that discusses these potential opportunities.