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Seeking Alpha
The Evergrande Crisis And Mainland China's Property Sector Risks
2021-11-11 15:12

China's property sector is not a growth driver of the Chinese economy, but a growth passenger. China's fiscal system also created incentives for local governments to favor housing market development.

Seeking Alpha
'Dangerous Divergences'
2021-11-09 19:29

In the latest World Economic Outlook Report, the IMF said "the dangerous divergence in economic prospects across countries remains a major concern". While the IMF focused on the "vaccine divide" between developed and developing nations, there are other divergences at play.

Seeking Alpha
China's Next Phase Can Make You Money Or Steal Your Savings
2021-11-05 08:11

China has not solved the unravelling crisis in its development/construction sector. The nation has moved through all the ‘natural' stages an economy goes through when implementing the free market capitalism model.

Seeking Alpha
Alibaba Experiences A Reversal In Fortunes, UP Fintech Defies Naysayers
2021-10-25 08:30

China announced a plethora of macro data last week where all but retail sales missed expectations. News on the populous country continued to spell doom and gloom. Investors are sitting up and realizing 'the bark is worse than the bite' on China matters.

Zacks Investment Research
Will China ETFs Suffer From Weak Economic Data Releases?
2021-10-19 17:25

Surging raw material prices, power shortages, a slowdown in the property sector and COVID-related constraints are likely to have impeded third-quarter economic growth.

Seeking Alpha
Chinese Internet Stocks: Relief Rally Or The Start Of A New Dawn?
2021-10-11 08:30

U.S. lawmakers' deal on a short-term debt ceiling extension spurred a bullish run on stocks last week but the depressed Chinese equities rallied even more. Cheery macro data and developments are supporting the bullish narrative for Chinese stocks.

Seeking Alpha
What's The Likely End For Evergrande?
2021-09-24 08:37

Chinese government has generally had some idea of how much risk Evergrande and other highly leveraged real estate companies pose since last year. Equity holders will most likely be wiped out, with holders of bond and wealth management products taking significant haircuts.

Seeking Alpha
The World Sweats During China's Vacation
2021-09-21 03:55

The impact of the policy remedy to China's property market excesses is spreading across global markets. But they would bounce hard on any evidence of a mitigation plan from Beijing.

Seeking Alpha
FXI, ASHR: Extraordinary Premium Emerges Again
2021-09-20 13:12

FXI and ASHR track very similar companies.

Zacks Investment Research
Will China ETFs Suffer on Slowing Factory Activity Growth?
2021-08-31 17:32

Surging raw material prices and COVID-related constraints are likely to have impacted manufacturers, resulting in disappointing official manufacturing PMI data.

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