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iShares JP Morgan EM Corporate Bond ETF (CEMB)

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Seeking Alpha
Cutting The Gordian Knot - How ESG Integration Can Help Solve Challenges To Investing In Emerging Market Corporates
2021-06-30 09:40

While emerging markets offer exciting opportunities, they also pose challenges that are significant and entangled. This is particularly relevant for investors in EM corporate bonds. Over the last few years, the emerging market corporate bond sector has grown enormously and generated compelling risk-adjusted returns.

Seeking Alpha
3 Segments, Multiple Opportunities In Emerging Markets
2021-04-27 11:05

Emerging markets offer attractive alternatives to fixed income investors searching for yield amid the trillions of dollars of negative-, zero-, and low-yielding debt globally. Within emerging market hard currency investment grade bonds, we think it is prudent to be shorter duration or at least hedge the Treasury risk component, given the low yield per unit of duration today.