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VictoryShares US 500 Enh Vol Wtd ETF (CFO)

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‘CFO' Ameliorates Concerns over a ‘Wobbly' Market
2021-08-23 11:24

Expectations of slowing global growth, delta fears, and U.S. monetary policy tightening have led to hesitant markets and increased volatility. Investors remain less-than-confident about economic recovery and growth, as outlined by the Financial Times.

ETF Trends
Call on VictoryShare's CFO for Improved Low Volatility
2020-10-27 10:13

Low volatility is still a favored investment factor, but some of the exchange traded funds addressing it can leave investors thirsting for more. Enter the VictoryShares US 500 Enhanced Volatility Wtd ETF (CFO).

ETF Trends
Enhanced Volatility ETF Can Enhance Portfolios
2020-08-13 12:36

In quiet fashion, the VictoryShares US 500 Enhanced Volatility Wtd ETF (CFO) is one of the stars among smart beta exchange traded funds this year. Off its March lows, CFO is higher by 28% and has recently been on a streak of hitting all-time highs.

Explainer: What happens next in Huawei CFO's U.S. extradition case
2020-05-27 05:17

A Canadian judge will rule Wednesday on a key aspect of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou's extradition to the United States. The judge will rule on double criminality, meaning whether the charges against Meng were illegal in both Canada and the United States at the time of her December 2018 arrest.

Albrecht Joins Reliance Partners As CFO And CRO
2020-05-12 12:24

Reliance Partners, the Chattanooga-based insurance agency serving the commercial transportation and trucking industries, announced Monday that Thom Albrecht has joined the company as chief financial officer and chief revenue officer.

ETF Trends
Volatility-Weighted ETFs to Better Balance Market Exposure
2020-03-18 18:31

Investors who are concerned about concentration risks associated with the traditional market capitalization-weighted indexing approach may consider alternative index strategies, such as volatility-weighted smart beta exchange traded funds that help limit potential drawdowns.