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Invesco S&P Global Water ETF (CGW)

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The Motley Fool
Investing in Water ETFs
2021-09-16 13:33

An in-depth look at the leading water ETFs in the U.S stock market.

Water Investing: 5 Funds You Should Tap
2021-09-10 14:51

As the importance of water sustainability becomes ever more apparent, so too do the potential rewards of investing in water.

Zacks Investment Research
Here's Why You Should Invest in Water ETFs
2021-07-20 14:39

Water sustainability is a growing concern for many investors

Zacks Investment Research
Often-Ignored Water ETFs Are Sizzling Hot: Here's Why
2021-07-12 14:44

Water scarcity has become a global crisis. Plus, severe drought conditions in California and some other states in the United States made water utility stocks a winner last week.

Seeking Alpha
Tetra Tech: Continued Margin Expansion, U.S. Infrastructure Spending Provide Tailwinds
2021-05-09 11:34

This engineering and construction firm has seen steady EPS growth over the past 5+ years, even as revenues remained flat. With managerial optimism about an uptrend in revenues, shareholders stand to benefit.

Zacks Investment Research
Tap Water With These ETFs
2021-03-22 10:35

As water plays a major role in the evolution of economy and human life, let's dedicate Mar 22 to safe and sufficient water.

Seeking Alpha
ETFs: 5 Funds For Investing In Water, A Vital Resource
2020-12-26 06:19

Water doesn't typically get the same focus that I put on other utilities like electric and gas companies. Though, that doesn't mean that investing in water ETFs doesn't have its own merits; it certainly does as global demand rises, yet supply doesn't go up.

Best Water ETFs for Q1 2021
2020-11-03 06:48

The best Water ETFs for Q1 2021 are PHO, PIO, and FIW.

Zacks Investment Research
Dive Into These Water ETFs for Big Gains
2019-03-22 11:00

Water ETFs are excellent investment options as utility operators are putting money to meet growing global demand for fresh water.