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Calamos Convertible Opportunities and Income Fund (CHI)

Closed-End Fund - Debt
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Seeking Alpha
The Near-Perfect Portfolio For The Good Times And Bad
2021-11-06 09:00

No portfolio or strategy can be perfect. But can there be a strategy that can work well in a bull market, a bear market, or a stagnant market, generate a decent income, and conserve capital, all at the same time? We also want our strategy to avoid roller-coaster rides of index investing, have low volatility and limited drawdowns in case of deep corrections.

Seeking Alpha
CHI: Attractive 7.17% Distribution Yield
2021-10-27 18:08

CHI is a convertible fund that also incorporates high-yield bond exposure. The fund has delivered investors solid results, though it has become more fairly valued as of late.

Seeking Alpha
5 Best CEFs To Buy This Month (August 2021)
2021-08-14 09:03

For income investors, closed-end funds remain an attractive investment class that covers a variety of asset classes and promise high distributions and reasonable total returns.

Seeking Alpha
Evaluating Closed-End Funds: CHI Has The Distribution Covered But Wait For A Dip
2021-07-27 12:14

CHI has a distribution of 7.56% which is reasonably attractive if the distribution is covered. I continue my series where I look at CEFs beyond the yield with a look at CHI.

Seeking Alpha
Boosting My ETF Income Portfolio
2021-05-27 12:41

In the summer of 2020, I created a small “piggy bank” portfolio consisting of six titles entirely dedicated to ETFs and ETNs as an adjunct to my Cupolone Income Portfolio. I named this new portfolio my Giotto Income Portfolio, in honor of the famous Florentine painter and architect.

Seeking Alpha
NCV: Over 9% Distribution Yield And Deep Discount, Worth A Look
2021-05-23 19:10

NCV pays a relatively high distribution rate compared to its peers, even after it cut its distribution last year. Interestingly enough, the fund is also trading at a deeper discount than its peers and is becoming a tempting target.

Seeking Alpha
CHI: Attractive Convertible Fund For The Long-Term Investor
2021-05-22 12:04

CHI seems to be expensive at a quick first glance; however, diving a bit deeper might change one's opinion. The fund earlier in 2021 boosted its distribution, and they should be able to maintain the current rate for the foreseeable future.

Seeking Alpha
CHI: Building A Sustainable Income Portfolio With This 7.9% Yielding Convertible Fund
2021-04-05 07:30

Convertible closed-end funds offer high-yield exposure to an asset class that complements common and preferred equity.

Seeking Alpha
ICVT: A Tactical View On Convertible Bonds
2021-03-12 11:07

ICVT facts and portfolio. Historical behavior. A tactical ETF rotation.

Seeking Alpha
4 Monthly-Pay Convertible CEFs, Yields Up To 7.7%
2021-02-28 11:00

Convertible bonds offer benefits similar to equities together with some of the downside protection of bonds. The best way to invest in convertibles is through actively managed CEFs.

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